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The Professional Audio Solution Featured

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Yellow Technology provides industry-leading professional audio services and solutions wherever audio systems are required to be reliable and of a high standard. Our work can be found across numerous industries and applications – recording, broadcast, post-production, education, publishing, entertainment, government, marine, military, police.

Recording Studios

We build all varieties of studios, large and small, for professionals and private individuals, starting from consultation, building specification, sound isolation and acoustic design, through project management, furniture design and build, wiring system specification, routeing and termination to equipment supply, system commissioning, maintenance and support. From the composer’s spare bedroom to multi-room complexes and working with small or large budgets.

Live Performance

We design, build and install recording and media playback systems for all manner of performance venues, from concert halls to nightclubs, school halls to restaurants, museums to boats. We design systems that are appropriate for their purpose by listening to you, our client, and ensuring that we fully understand your brief before we start work on your solution.

Professional Audio Hardware and Software

We supply only products that we have qualified to be part of our exclusive product portfolio.  We provide the best product for the job, regardless of what might be cheapest, easiest or most lucrative for us to supply. Our pricing is always competitive, but if you can find the same product cheaper elsewhere, we’ll do our best to match that price.

Mission-Critical Computer Systems

From digital audio workstations (DAWs) to forensic interrogation systems, we work with computer systems at the highest level, across all platforms. Though our roots will always be in professional audio, our experience with audio computer systems has led to demand from many other sectors and we continue to provide high-level IT support to a variety of individuals and organisations.

Support and Maintenance

With Yellow Technology, you can be sure that your systems will continue to perform to the highest level, by investing in one of our Performance Plans. The Performance Plan is light-years away from the ‘built-in’ support services promoted by so many equipment suppliers. What we offer is a full solution. We’re not just on the end of the phone when you need us – we’re taking positive action without you having to think about it. We’ll be there when your system needs maintenance, and we’ll be keeping you abreast of any new industry developments that might affect you. Say goodbye to boom and bust – your systems will be consistent and reliable.

Invisible Technology

At Yellow Technology, we have a principle that we call Invisible Technology.  This is the benefit that is experienced by our clients, whereby we ensure that your systems work effectively and reliably so that you can concentrate on your creative work.  It is a principle we employ in all the work we do.

We’re here to make sure your technology works for you, not against you.

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