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We have long considered ADAM to make the best ribbon-tweeter based studio monitors available. Their S3A was a real favourite among our clients, particularly composers and producers, combining unparalleled quality of high-frequency detail with a really responsive low end. Since the discontinuation of the S3A, ADAM have offered the S3X-H, S3X-V and A77X as alternatives, the latter being the most popular among our client base.

The A77X utilises the proprietary X-ART ribbon tweeter, found in all other current ADAM professional monitors. The reproduction of high frequencies is exceptionally revealing and precise. This detail gives the listener a real sense of space, making listening an absorbing, but by no means artificial experience. As noted in our other ADAM articles, high-frequency precision can throw up a few surprises! We’ve noted countless imperfections on recordings we’d previously trusted as near perfect when re-listening on ADAMs, but for most this should only make a good recording/mix even more rewarding. However, there’s also an argument that such an impressive, immersive top end can distract the ears from the potentially more-critical midrange.

There is a healthy low-frequency extension which feels more responsive than that of other monitors of a similar size. Like many of the other speakers in the ADAM range, the midrange of the A77X divides opinion even amongst our own team! Certainly the upper-mid range feels considerably less revealing than with the a number of alternatives of a similar size and one’s attention may not be so readily drawn to an overly busy area of a mix.

The A77X is actually considerably less expensive than the similar sized S3X-H and S3X-V, however we have found it to be the preferred model amongst many of our clients, and in many cases the price has not been a deciding factor. There have been a number of cases of lovers of the old S3As purchasing A77Xs for additional rooms rather than S3Xs.

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