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Yellow Technology GrandStand

After many years of having to make do with what the market had to offer in terms of loudspeaker stands, we decided it was time to design our own.  And so the GrandStand was born.

There were several key features we knew we wanted to incorporate into the design:

  • Rigidity: The stands needed to be rigid and robust enough to support all but the largest of loudspeakers without flinching.  The most important thing about a loudspeaker stand is that it doesn't move with the loudspeaker.  The GrandStand is heavy duty, to put it mildly.  The sealed base is filled with stand, supporting the main section, whose chunky construction ensures there is no movement;
  • Acoustically Isolated: The stands shouldn't resonate with the loudspeakers nor draw energy away from them.  The top plate of the GrandStand is decoupled from the rest of the stand with industrial isolating turrets, ensuring that the loudspekaer is acoustically isolated from the column of the stand;
  • Height Adjustable: Studios and those who operate them are not uniform, so it's difficult to choose a stand height that fits all.  The GrandStand is adjustable in small steps from 885mm to 1270mm, with fine adjustment using the industrial levelling feet;
  • Tilt Adjustable: So often we've been in a position of having to position loudspeakers higher than is ideal due to various obstructions.  The GrandStand has two tilt angles - 5º and 10º - to allow a suitable height whilst maintaining the appropriate directionality.

The result is a loudspeaker stand that not only supports your loudspeaker in the position you need it, but also allows it to perform to its maximum potential.  You may be amazed at what a difference the GrandStand makes to the sound coming from your loudspeakers.

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