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Magma ExpressBox 3T

The Magma ExpressBox 3T provides three full-length PCIe slots in a small desktop enclosure with a pair of Thunderbolt ports for connection to Thunderbolt-equipped CPUs, such as the Apple iMac, MacBook Pro and the new Mac Pro, expected in December 2013.  There are also various PC motherboards available that can support Thunderbolt, but this solution is rather more pressing for the Apple community, now that Apple no longer produce a CPU with PCIe slots. 

This unit is particularly relevant to the audio industry, where the Mac operating system prevails and where key technologies, such as Pro Tools HDX, still rely heavily on PCIe-based processing cards.

The EB3T is simple and foolproof.  It suffers from none of the troubles that accompanied expansion chassis in the past and provides a simple and stable solution to allow you to partner your PCIe-based hardware with your Thunderbolt CPU.  Cards are installed simply and once you're connected to your computer you will notice no difference from having built-in card slots.

Whilst the EB3T is a desktop unit, it is cooled with fans, so care should be taken when siting the unit.  Although it is relatively quiet and the main card fan can be adjusted through jumper settings, depending on which cards you have installed, there is an additional power supply fan (seen on the back panel) whose hum may be unacceptable in some environments.  Should this be an issue, we are able to supply copper-based Thunderbolt cables up to 3m in length and optical-based cables up to 30m in length, in order that the unit can be sited remotely.

This Magma EB3T is a well-engineered expansion chassis and the best solution for using PCIe cards with Apple computers.

In the video below, we demonstrate the use of this product with a 2013 iMac and an Avid Pro Tools HDX system.