Yellow Technology


Our History

The Company

Yellow Technology was conceived by Peter Eaglesfield and Antony Conner, both of whom came from positions as senior technical officers within the professional audio industry, as an advanced service and resourcing hub for high-dependency, mission-critical technology environments. Their experience as and with audio professionals had highlighted a desperate requirement for advanced, unbiased support, advice and service provision that was based around a technical rather than a sales ethic.

The Location

The directors chose a base in Saffron Walden, Essex, to afford the company quick and easy travel to all UK and international destinations, thanks to the close proximity of the M11, Stansted Airport and a mainline BR station.

Our premises are set in a beautiful old barn, and house our workshop and offices.

Ethical Approach

We believe in being honest and open with our clients. In order to provide the best service, we need our clients to be able to trust;

  • that we will give them the best advice regardless of what products might be cheapest, easiest or most lucrative for us to supply;
  • that we will give them the benefit of our experience where we are confident of our expertise but that we will acknowledge any deficiencies in our knowledge or experience, undertaking the appropriate research where necessary.

We employ honest, knowledgeable and experienced consultants and we invest heavily in all our staff, ensuring that they have the right tools to do their work. Our consultants hold regular technical meetings to discuss current issues and projects, and we strive to implement standard practice throughout our service offering.


Our origins are in the audio industry, and we continue to develop our business within the professional recording sector. However, our skills and approach have led us into other mission-critical technology industries such as film and television post-production, education, corporate networking and forensics. We believe that our services can be of benefit to any company or individual who needs technology to work reliably and consistently.