Yellow Technology


System Installation

When you're putting together a new facility or changing your existing systems, the choice of equipment is often your first priority.  However, its integration into your working environment is a key component to ensure that you get the most out of the technology you use.

Our installation team is second to none.  All our consultants and technicians are degree-educated in music technology and then trained by us in the critical studio disciplines that form part of our service offering.  We specify the highest technical standards in all that we do.  Many of the installation techniques we use have largely disappeared from the professional industry due to a lack of knowledge and training and we're pround to keep them alive.

Unlike many professional audio equipment suppliers, we do not sub-contract our installation work.  We maintain our high standards by ensuring that all our projects are managed by our own project managers and carried out by our own trained technicians.  These same people will be ready to provide Support and Maintenance once your installation is complete.


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