Yellow Technology


Support and Maintenance

Support and maintenance is a key part of what we do and the services we offer in this area are unique.  Whilst our services are aimed specifically at the professional audio user, we provide support in many technological areas to many different industries.  Audio technology systems present so many different technological challenges that our expertise is transferable.

Support and maintenance are so often overlooked.  How many times have you been told you have "free support" with the products you buy, only to discover that "free support" often means "no support"? 

We don't provide free support.  We invest heavily in the consultants and infrastructure required to give a high quality service and we are always looking for new ways to enhance these services and make your life easier.

Our Performance Plans are designed to provide a service to many different individuals and organisations.  We list individual composers, music production companies, major publishers and even small corporate offices amongst our Performance Plan clients.  We include telephone support, remote controlled support, site visits, maintenance visits and even a "Panic Button" option in some of our plans.

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