Yellow Technology


Studio Furniture

We design and manufacture technical furniture for audio systems.  Our furniture is built for purpose and our design philosophy is that, first and foremost, your furniture needs to provide the functionality that your systems require. 

There are so many alternative furniture solutions on the market where little emphasis has been placed on the functionality; where there isn't enough room to house all your cables; where you can't easily access the front panels of your hardware; where you end up compromising your workflow to accommodate the layout of your equipment.

Every piece of furniture we build is designed with your individual requirements in mind.  Perhaps you really want to have your favourite mic preamp easily reachable; perhaps you want to be able to record audio directly from your desk so want an appropriate surface on which to do this; perhaps you really want something that's going to let you work effectively but you are working to a budget.  These are all situations that we have dealt with effectively and we are always ready to tackle the next challenge.

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