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Studio Design

Our foundations are in recording studios and between our consultants, we have many years of studio design experience.  Of course, through the years, the nature of recording studios has changed.  Whilst there may not be quite the demand there was for commercial recording studios, there are now a multitude of smaller studios from small garden studios and converted lofts to the multi-room commercial production suite.  We have designed numerous studios with numerous challenges.

We are unique in our holistic approach to studio design.  We design your studio with your future in mind.  We know, for example, that it is important to consider the type of equipment you will be using, the heat it will generate and the cable routes that will be required to accommodate; so we are specifying the technical equipment requirements and layouts at the same time as working on your Building Specification.  We know that, whilst the design of the room from an acoustic perspective is critical, so it is from an ergonomic perspective.  So we will be designing your Technical Furniture while we're working out where your doors are positioned.

We can work with you whatever your budget.  Any studio design must be commercially sensitive.  We have converted the smallest rooms and worked with the most inconvenient environments.  As long as we have a clear idea of the objective, we can produce a solution that works for you.

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