Yellow Technology


Building Specification

We provide acoustic and technical consultancy for building projects - mainly audio recording or listening environments, but we have also worked in many different environments where acoustic performance or sound insulation is required.

We are involved in large and small construction projects and we are pragmatic in our approach.  We listen to your requirements and provide advice and specification that gives you the result you need - no more, no less.

Having worked alongside many major (and minor!) construction contractors, such as Sir Robert McAlpine, Cosmur, Vinci and McGoff and Byrne, we are very comfortable with the site environment.  Construction companies enjoy working with us because our project managers can understand their language and we go out of our way to accommodate their strict schedules.  We have only received one complaint from a construction company - the complaint was that we had routed our cables too neatly, which had prompted the building inspector to request that the electrical contractor brought his up to the same standard!

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